Caring for your Latex.

Wash in clean warm water with a mild soap/detergent. Gently wipe off excess water with a soft absorbent cloth, lie flat and ensure the item is fully dried before putting away. Do not tumble dry, dry clean or iron latex under any circumstances.

Latex can be enhanced by light polishing with dedicated latex polish. We recommend water based polishes rather than silicone based polishes, as they are much easier to remove in the event a repair is needed. Please use a soft cloth and be gentle when polishing, the surface of the latex sheeting can be permanently scratched if it is polished either too firmly or with a rough cloth.

Oils, solvents, perfumes and greases can affect latex sheeting in a detrimental way so be careful not to expose to oil based lubricant and cream products. Copper and other metals can also affect latex, avoid contact with coins; jewellery or other items which contain copper as staining can occur especially on lighter colours. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before handling your latex if you've come into contact with any of the aforementioned products.

Prolonged exposure to UV light can destroy the surface of latex sheet causing a whitening of the surface. It is advisable to store clothes in a black plastic bag in a cool dark place when not being worn to avoid contact with UV light.

Please note although latex is very strong, it can tear easily if cut and snagged by a sharp fingernails or items of jewellery.